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Huge new Apple Watch sale includes SE and Series 6 models for a change

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When it comes to scoring a nice discount on a hugely popular Apple Watch, we can’t think of a more generous e-tailer than Woot. Unfortunately for folks looking to get the latest and greatest editions of the iPhone-compatible smartwatch at a killer price, Amazon’s subsidiary generally likes to hold attractive sales exclusively for old models ranging from 2017’s Series 3 to 2019’s Series 5.

That makes today’s 24-hour-only deals pretty special, as bargain hunters can save big on a few 2020-released Apple Watch SE and Series 6 variants in refurbished condition for a change. The lower-end and lower-cost SE edition is on sale in a single love-or-hate gold flavor pairing a small 40mm case with a plum sport loop at a $224.99 price, cellular connectivity included.
Keep in mind that these are very high-quality refurbs you’re looking at here too, guaranteed to have “minimal cosmetic damage” and work flawlessly after successfully passing a “full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality.” Also, you get a 90-day warranty, as well as free nationwide “standard” shipping… if you’re a Prime member.
The same obviously goes for all the other new and old Apple Watch versions on sale today, including a whole bunch of cellular-capable Series 6 models available for $375 and $395 in 40 and 44mm case sizes respectively. Those are down from list prices of $499 and $529 as far as brand-new units are concerned, arguably qualifying for the status of very cool deals not to be ignored by cash-strapped smartwatch buyers.
Of course, if you’re truly strapped for cash, you might be more interested in picking up a Series 3, Series 4, or Series 5 refurb at a starting price of $170, $215, and $255 respectively with a 90-day warranty included. 
Basically, there’s something for everyone on sale at Woot right now… unless you’re an Android smartphone user, in which case you should probably consider a Samsung Galaxy Watch or wait for next week’s exciting OnePlus Watch announcement.

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