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Hulu app finally adds support for higher resolutions on Android TV

It’s hard to understand why Hulu has been limiting streaming resolutions to 720p on Android TV until now, but just about every other streaming service offers at least support for 1080p. Not to mention that most of its competitors in the US have already upgraded their streaming services to 4K resolution at no additional costs.Thankfully, Hulu has decided that it finally time to upgrade its streaming service and offer customers at least the same level of quality the competition currently offers. The fine folks at 9to5google report the Hulu app for Android TV now features two additional streaming options: 1080p and 4K.

Keep in mind though that to benefit from these improvements, your Android TV device must support these resolutions. There’s no official word on the changes, but many Reddit users that own Android TV devices like the 2019 Shield TV noticed Hulu can now stream at 1080p resolution.

At least one 2017 Sony Bravia TV user confirmed the Hulu app now supports 4K streaming. It looks like these improvements are slowly rolling out to Hulu customers across the US, so we’re not sure when exactly they’ll be available to everyone.

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