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If the Oppo Find X3 Pro came to the US, would you buy it?

Last week, Oppo released three new Find X3 series phones, and the flagship X3 Pro has a brand new trick. Whether you think it’s a gimmick or not, there’s a new “microlens” camera that’s able to take nearly microscopic photos. We think it’s pretty dang cool. Sure, there are other things to consider when buying a phone, but most flagships in 2021 will check those boxes. With such a unique smartphone out there, if you’re in the US, do you feel like you’re missing out?

It’s been a personal point of frustration for me that so many good phones just never make their way to the US. When we review budget and mid-range smartphones here at Android Police, we usually do it with an eye on the US market, and that’s an area where places like India and China have a huge advantage. Our readers are always quick to point out that phones from companies like Nokia and Motorola can’t really compete with Redmi and Realme models, and that’s absolutely true — sadly, you can’t get them stateside without importing them, and that comes with a whole pile of caveats.

The Find X3 Pro’s microlens is cool as heck and I wish my phone had it. 

Back in the middle of the last decade, there was hope that more of these Chinese brands would come to the US, and OnePlus was proof that they could disrupt the market and succeed. LeEco is a name you probably don’t remember now, but they tried and failed. Xiaomi expressed some interest, but recent politics have likely put a hold on any plans, and I expect most Chinese companies are holding off until that situation changes.

With the new Oppo Find X3, my own frustrations at the lack of a selection in the US market have reached a new peak: Not only are our mid-range options lacking, but we’re also missing out on these fun new flagship features. And while I may still find Chinese flavors of Android mediocre, they’re also miles better than they used to be.

This could simply be a “me” problem, exclusive to us tech bloggers in our little bubble, but I’m curious to know if any of our US-based readers would consider purchasing the Find X3 Pro if it came here.

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