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Incredibuild secures $140 million investment for US expansion | Pocket Gamer.biz

Software development acceleration platform Incredibuild has secured a $140 million investment.

The funding has been provided scale up by investor Insight Partners and will be used to expand across the US as demands for its tech increase in the region.

“We firmly believe that Incredibuild has built a crucial technology for any business that wants to develop better software, radically faster,” said Teddie Wardi, Managing Director at Insight Partners.

“With our long history of investing in the development ecosystem, we are confident that Incredibuild will continue to innovate and build upon their recent momentum.”

Since day one, Incredibuild has proven profitable, with its revenue increasing 55 per cent in 2020.

Getting an edge

Primarily, the company offers technology that has been designed to speed up the development process.

Several notable companies are using the software development acceleration platform, including Epic Games and Nintendo. Overall, Incredibuild has more than 800 customers.

“In fiercely competitive markets, top quality frequent releases are vital,” said Incredibuild CEO Tami Mazel Shachar.

“With the new funding, Incredibuild is poised to expand the market opportunity, enabling companies to maintain their competitive edge.

“With cloud adoption being paramount, we plan to further scale and evolve our software development acceleration platform for development teams and release managers in verticals such as finance, gaming, and the growing AR and VR markets.”

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