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Intel 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP Xeon Platinum 8351N CPU Benchmarked, Up To 65% Faster Than 32 Core AMD EPYC Rome Chips With AVX-512

New benchmarks of Intel’s 3rd Gen Xeon Platinum 8351N CPU have leaked out which show a huge performance gain over AMD EPYC Rome CPUs when utilizing its AVX-512 instruction set. The Intel Ice Lake-SP Xeon family is scheduled for a formal launch on the 6th of April at the ‘How Wonderful Gets Done 2021’ event while a sneak peek is expect tomorrow at the ‘Intel Unleashed’ webcast by CEO, Pat Gelsinger.

Intel’s 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP Xeon Platinum 8351N CPU Benchmarked, 65% Performance Uplift Over AMD EPYC Rome When Utilizing AVX-512

Last time, we looked at the benchmarks of the Intel Xeon Platinum 8352S/Y CPUs in both single & dual-socket configurations. The latest benchmarks right now are of a single-socket configured Intel Xeon Platinum 8351N CPU which features 36 cores and 72 threads. The CPU has a base clock of 2.4 GHz and a boost clock of 3.5 GHz. The CPU also carries 54 MB of L3 cache, 45 MB of L2 cache, and a TDP of 225W.

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The Xeon Platinum 8351N has more cores/threads and higher clocks compared to the Xeon 8352 CPUs and as such, it should feature much higher performance. The CPU was tested in the SANDRA SiSoftware 2021 benchmark suite within the processor Arithmetic & Multi-Media tests. Do note that the Multi-Media test, in particular, makes use of AVX-512 instructions which the Ice Lake-SP CPUs have to offer so we will be looking at a bigger gain compared to non-AVX-512 chips. So let’s take a look at the performance results.

For comparison, average scores for various other server & workstation processors from the same benchmark database were used. In the processor Arithmetic test, Intel’s Ice Lake-SP Xeon Platinum 8351N CPU scored 962.37 GOPS which is an 8% improvement over the 8352S for a 6% clock speed bump and 12% increased core count. Compared to the AMD EPYC 7532 32 core CPU, the Platinum 8351N scores a 19% lead. Moving over to the multi-media test, the Intel Xeon Platinum 8351N ends up 13% faster than the Xeon Platinum 8352S and a massive 65% faster than the AMD EPYC 7542 32 core CPU.

This shows the performance uplift that AVX-512 has to offer but the technology does come at a cost and that’s power consumption. With AVX-512, you can expect the chip to end up close to 300 Watts or even exceed that limit which further reduces its efficiency compared to AMD EPYC CPUs. Aside from that, AVX-512 workloads are niche in the server segment, and not all cloud/data center environments make use of the technology. We know that AMD is also planning to use AVX3-512 instructions in its future EPYC Genoa chips but right now, we cannot make a valid comparison of the tech against competing chips.

All we know is that in standard workloads, the Ice Lake-SP CPUs will end up around 10-20% faster than AMD’s 2nd Gen EPYC Rome CPUs but AMD has launched its 3rd Gen EPYC Milan CPUs with Zen 3 cores which offer a big improvement over Rome so it will be a hard time for Intel to make Ice Lake-SP competitive against those parts.

Both AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon 3rd Gen server CPU lineups will be going up against each other soon. AMD has so far been disrupting the server market space and gaining share by offering an insane value with their EPYC CPUs and their efficiency, node, performance, compute advantage within the space has increased by a huge factor in the last couple of years while Intel lacked by relying on the same process and architecture for years. Once again, Intel is expected to unveil its Xeon 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP on the 6th of April so stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

Intel Xeon Ice Lake-SP Server CPU Lineup (Preliminary):

CPU Name Cores / Threads Base Clock Boost Clock L3 Cache L2 Cache TDP
Xeon Platinum 8380 40 / 80 2.30 GHz TBA 60 MB 50.00 MB 270W
Xeon Platinum 8368 38 / 76 2.40 GHz TBA 57 MB 47.50 MB 270W
Xeon Platinum 8360Y 36 / 72 2.40 GHz TBA 54 MB 45.00 MB 250W
Xeon Platinum 8358 32 / 64 2.65 GHz TBA 48 MB 40.00 MB 250W
Xeon Platinum 8358P 32 / 64 2.60 GHz TBA 48 MB 40.00 MB 240W
Xeon Platinum 8352S 32 / 64 2.20 GHz 3.40 GHz 48 MB 40.00 MB 205W
Xeon Platinum 8352Y 32 / 64 2.20 GHz 3.40 GHz 48 MB 40.00 MB 205W
Xeon Platinum 8352V 36 / 72 2.10 GHz TBA 54 MB 45.00 MB 195W
Xeon Platinum 8351N 36 / 72 2.40 GHz 3.60 GHz 54 MB 45.00 MB 225W
Xeon Gold 6354 18 / 36 3.10 GHz TBA 27 MB 22.50 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6348 28 / 56 2.80 GHz TBA 42 MB 35.00 MB 235W
Xeon Gold 6346 16 / 32 3.10 GHz TBA 24 MB 20.00 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6342 24 / 48 2.70 GHz TBA 36 MB 30.00 MB 220W
Xeon Gold 6338 32 / 64 2.00 GHz TBA 48 MB 40.00 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6336Y 24 / 48 2.40 GHz TBA 36 MB 30.00 MB 185W
Xeon Gold 6334 8 / 16 3.50 GHz TBA 12 MB 10.00 MB 165W
Xeon Gold 6330 28 / 56 2.00 GHz TBA 42 MB 35.00 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6326 16 / 32 2.80 GHz TBA 24 MB 20.00 MB 185W
Xeon Gold 5320 26 / 52 2.20 GHz TBA 39 MB 16.25 MB 185W
Xeon Gold 5318Y 24 / 48 2.00 GHz TBA 36 MB 30.00 MB 165W
Xeon Gold 5317 12 / 24 2.80 GHz TBA 12 MB 15.00 MB 150W
Xeon Gold 5315Y 8 / 16 3.00 GHz TBA 12 MB 10.00 MB 150W
Xeon Silver 4316 20 / 40 2.30 GHz TBA 30 MB 25.00 MB 150W
Xeon Silver 4314 16 / 32 2.30 GHz TBA 24 MB 20.00 MB 135W
Xeon Silver 4310 12 / 24 2.10 GHz TBA 12 MB 15.00 MB 135W
Xeon Silver 4309Y 8 / 16 2.60 GHz TBA 12 MB 10.00 MB 105W

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