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Intel To Host 'Intel Unleashed' Webcast Featuring CEO, Pat Gelsinger, on 23rd March

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, has announced that his company will be hosting its ‘Intel Unleashed’ webcast on 23rd March. Pat states that exciting things will happen during the webcast & we may already know a thing or two that should be making an appearance during the live event.

Intel CEO Announces ‘Intel Unleashed’ Live Webcast For 23rd March, Exciting Things To Happen Including 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPU Launch

As tweeted out by Intel’s CEO, the company will host its ‘Intel Unleashed’ event next week. The teaser image shows the picture of a silicon wafer but on a closer inspection & with a higher-quality image posted at Intel’s newsroom, we can confirm that the webcast will primarily focus on the 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPUs. Following is the tweet and the official PR from Intel:

Intel’s Mystery Clue Cracked: Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt Going Live On 26th March 2021

Join CEO Pat Gelsinger for a business update and webcast address on the new era of innovation and technology leadership.

When: 2-3 p.m. PDT, Tuesday, March 23

Where: Watch live on the Intel Newsroom at http://newsroom.intel.com.

The silicon wafer is composed of 28 core Ice Lake-SP Xeon dies. We know that Intel would offer up to 40 core processors within its 3rd Gen Xeon family this time around to tackle AMD. The Xeon lineup based on the Ice Lake-SP design will be using the 10nm+ process node which shouldn’t be mistaken with the 10nm SuperFin process which only lands on Sapphire Rapids Xeons later this year. The Ice Lake-SP processors will be featuring the Sunny Cove core architecture which was introduced back in 2019 and coming to servers in 2021. It should be noted that Intel has a more modern Willow Cove architecture powering its consumer & commercial processors right now so we aren’t getting that on the server-side.

Intel’s Xeon Ice Lake-SP lineup is split between Platinum, Gold, and Silver SKUs. The top SKU is said to be the Xeon Platinum 8380 which would feature 40 cores, a base clock of 2.30 GHz, and a 270W TDP. Compared to AMD’s flagship, we are looking at lower cores and a lower base clock however, Intel’s architecture and process nodes are tuned for higher clock speeds so that might mark a small win for the blue team.

The company is also placing bets on its AVX-512 instruction set and has shown CPU benchmarks where it handily beats AMD’s existing Rome CPUs but only when running applications that fully leverage AVX-512 instructions. Standard applications would not see the same benefit on Intel CPUs.

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The lineup starts with 8 cores and goes all the way up to 40 cores. The lineup is quite confusing if compared to the AMD EPYC parts so you can see the table below to get a sense of what Intel will be offering in its 3rd Gen Xeon Ice Lake-SP stack:

Intel Xeon Ice Lake-SP Server CPU Lineup (Preliminary):

CPU Name Cores / Threads Base Clock Boost Clock L3 Cache L2 Cache TDP
Xeon Platinum 8380 40 / 80 2.30 GHz TBA 60 MB 50.00 MB 270W
Xeon Platinum 8368 38 / 76 2.40 GHz TBA 57 MB 47.50 MB 270W
Xeon Platinum 8360Y 36 / 72 2.40 GHz TBA 54 MB 45.00 MB 250W
Xeon Platinum 8358 32 / 64 2.65 GHz TBA 48 MB 40.00 MB 250W
Xeon Platinum 8358P 32 / 64 2.60 GHz TBA 48 MB 40.00 MB 240W
Xeon Platinum 8352S 32 / 64 2.20 GHz 3.40 GHz 48 MB 40.00 MB 205W
Xeon Platinum 8352Y 32 / 64 2.20 GHz 3.40 GHz 48 MB 40.00 MB 205W
Xeon Platinum 8352V 36 / 72 2.10 GHz TBA 54 MB 45.00 MB 195W
Xeon Platinum 8351N 36 / 72 2.40 GHz TBA 54 MB 45.00 MB 225W
Xeon Gold 6354 18 / 36 3.10 GHz TBA 27 MB 22.50 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6348 28 / 56 2.80 GHz TBA 42 MB 35.00 MB 235W
Xeon Gold 6346 16 / 32 3.10 GHz TBA 24 MB 20.00 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6342 24 / 48 2.70 GHz TBA 36 MB 30.00 MB 220W
Xeon Gold 6338 32 / 64 2.00 GHz TBA 48 MB 40.00 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6336Y 24 / 48 2.40 GHz TBA 36 MB 30.00 MB 185W
Xeon Gold 6334 8 / 16 3.50 GHz TBA 12 MB 10.00 MB 165W
Xeon Gold 6330 28 / 56 2.00 GHz TBA 42 MB 35.00 MB 205W
Xeon Gold 6326 16 / 32 2.80 GHz TBA 24 MB 20.00 MB 185W
Xeon Gold 5320 26 / 52 2.20 GHz TBA 39 MB 16.25 MB 185W
Xeon Gold 5318Y 24 / 48 2.00 GHz TBA 36 MB 30.00 MB 165W
Xeon Gold 5317 12 / 24 2.80 GHz TBA 12 MB 15.00 MB 150W
Xeon Gold 5315Y 8 / 16 3.00 GHz TBA 12 MB 10.00 MB 150W
Xeon Silver 4316 20 / 40 2.30 GHz TBA 30 MB 25.00 MB 150W
Xeon Silver 4314 16 / 32 2.30 GHz TBA 24 MB 20.00 MB 135W
Xeon Silver 4310 12 / 24 2.10 GHz TBA 12 MB 15.00 MB 135W
Xeon Silver 4309Y 8 / 16 2.60 GHz TBA 12 MB 10.00 MB 105W

Other than the Xeon announcement, we can also expect Intel to provide us with better information regarding its next-generation Xeon roadmap, an update on external/internal fabs utilization, and a couple of teases on other announcements such as the Xe-HPG parts which have been confirmed for unveiling on 26th March.

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