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Introducing A.I. month on PocketGamer.biz | Pocket Gamer.biz

As A.I. technologies evolve, the way we use them in game development is also changing.

Throughout the month of March, PG.biz will be running a series of articles all about using A.I. in development, marketing and beyond. We’ll be speaking with companies and individuals in the gaming space, alongside A.I. focused firms using the tech to up their game.

This month’s “AI in the Gaming Sector” theme is brought to you by Ludo, the world’s first AI platform for games concept creation. Ludo is a real ‘gamestorming’ tool designed to turbocharge your creative power through AI. Whether you’re a solo developer/designer, studio, hobbyist or student, Ludo acts as your trusty assistant helping to “gamestorm” great new game concepts.

A.I. has been used in game development for decades, to create automatic responses actions to a player’s actions. This could be in the form of NPC reactions, fighting enemies, or even in mechanics that are not visible to the player. However, it can also be implemented into other tools that can aid development, even from a game’s conception stages. Ludo is an example of this; it’s a tool that help developers find their next great game idea when the creative juices are at a standstill.

We’ll be publishing articles semi-regularly throughout March; interviews with specialists and expert insight on the evolution of A.I, especially in the mobile sector. We’ll also be reaching out for more across the month. If you’d like to contribute either a guest column or submit an interview or feature idea, email our editor at danielle.partis@steelmedia.co.uk.

The month of “AI In The Gaming Sector” is sponsored by Ludo, the ‘gamestorming’ tool to celebrate the role of AI and machine learning in creative industries. Ludo is the AI tool revolutionising games creation by using machine learning and natural language processing to develop game concepts 24 hours a day and democratising games creation. Ludo is built on a database of close to a million games and is constantly learning and evolving. When asked to find a new game idea, based on intuitive keyword searches, Ludo returns almost immediately with multiple written game concepts, artwork and images. To find out more and try Ludo head to www.askludo.ai/

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