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Magic: The Gathering Arena fully launches on Android and iOS on March 25

Magic: The Gathering Arena entered Google Play Early Access at the end of January, but the game only supported select Android devices. Today, Wizards of the Coast announced the game will soon be out of beta for both Android and iOS devices.

Starting March 25, MTG Arena expands to even more Android devices and gets support for tablets and iOS devices. On top of that, developers announced that the most recent MTG Arena update includes performance improvements for Android devices.

Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering is the most popular trading card game, so we doubt it needs any presentation. What’s important to mention is that that game is just as good on mobile as it’s on PC, it’s just that the experience isn’t the same.

Many players have been complaining about lag and other various issues just days before the official launch. Hopefully, the final version of the MTG Arena app will have none of these problems. There’s one occasional issue though that will not be fixed in this release, which will make players appear offline even when they’re online.

According to developers, they’re already working on a long-term fix, but in the meantime, they offered a workaround: 1. Instead of exiting the game, log out completely and log back in; 2. Open the social menu and toggle between offline and online.

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