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Marvel's Avengers Runs at Higher Resolution on Xbox Series X; Slightly Better Performance, Load Times on PlayStation 5

Marvel’s Avengers current-gen upgrade is now live on both Sony and Microsoft consoles, and a new comparison video that has been shared online today provides some new details on these new versions of the game.

According to the video put together by ElAnalisteDeBits, the variable 4K, 60 FPS mode is the mode with the most differences between the current-gen versions. In this mode, the Xbox Series X version runs at a higher dynamic resolution, 3840x1836p, as opposed to the 1920x2160p of the PlayStation 5 version in the more demanding areas in the game. On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 version seems to have a slightly more stable frame rate in all modes and faster load times.

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– The 3 Marvel’s Avengers versions have 2 display modes: 4K / 30FPS (1440p on S Series) and some improved settings or variable 4K at 60FPS (1080p on S Series).

– 4K / 30FPS mode has slight improvement in reflections, textures, particles, draw distance and shadows.

– In 4K / 30FPS mode they all experience some small drops in resolution, although they keep the target set most of the time, especially Series X.

– In FPS mode, for the first few minutes of the game, the PS5 resolution varies between 3840×2160 and 2560x1440p, but as soon as we get to the Quinjet and start missions with more open and loaded spaces, the usual resolution becomes dynamic 1920x2160p, while on X Series it stays at dynamic 3840x1836p. In this case, there is a clear advantage in the Xbox version.

– In FPS mode, Series X maintains a higher draw distance.

– Slightly better loading times on PS5.

– The framerate is quite stable in both modes, slightly better on PS5.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X and Xbox One worldwide.

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