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Mass Effect Item Coming To Apex Legends

It seems that Respawn’s Apex Legends is set to have a crossover with BioWare’s Mass Effect. Although neither developer Respawn nor EA, which publishes both games, have officially announced the event, the Xbox Series X dashboard currently shows an image of an N7 item that Apex Legends players can acquire.

The item is listed as a Game Pass perk, but attempting to redeem the offer just takes users to the perks page, where there is no mention of the Mass Effect reward. The promotion likely went live ahead of time. The item itself looks to be a weapon charm.

An image of the item was sent into GameSpot by a reader (thanks, David), and then confirmed by a staff member. You can see both images below.

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Apex Legends gun charms based on several EA games including Mass Effect and Plants Vs. Zombies were reportedly discovered in November, 2020 through datamining. However, these were believed to be rewards for subscribing to EA Play. An N7 charm like the one appearing on the Xbox dashboard has not previously been seen. GameSpot has contacted EA for more information.

Apex Legends’ latest event, Chaos Theory, recently kicked off. The big change is Caustic’s town takeover, which is replacing Kings Canyon’s Water Treatment, Heat Shields are also being added as a way to allow players to temporarily survive outside the ring, Bangalore, meanwhile, is getting an heirloom, and a new Ring Fury limited-time mode has temporarily replaced standard Trios and Duos.

On the Mass Effect front, EA and BioWare are set to release an updated version of the trilogy called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on May 14. All three games in the core series–Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3–will be available in the package, along with over 40 pieces of downloadable content, including special weapon and armor packs, campaign expansions, and more. All of this will be playable in 4K with HDR. Here’s everything we know so far about the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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