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Monster Hunter Rise ships 4 million copies | Pocket Gamer.biz

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise has shipped four million units worldwide.

The latest installment in the monster-slaying series was released on March 26th, meaning the milestone has been hit within its opening weekend.

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter: World, as pointed out by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, shipped five million copies within the same time period.

However, Rise is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, whereas the previous entry in the franchise was released on multiple platforms.

Thanks in part to its new title’s success, Capcom stock has hit an all-time high.

To arms

As of December 31st 2020, the Monster Hunter series has shipped 66 million units worldwide. The first game was released in 2004.

Due to the popularity of Capcom’s franchise, a movie starring Milla Jovovich was released in Japan on the game’s launch day.

It’s scheduled for a global release later in 2021. 

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