Motorola’s reputation for software updates isn’t exactly sterling, with most of its devices only receiving two software updates over the course of their lifespan. Last December, Motorola announced 21 of its phones would be receiving updates to Android 11, though in the three months since, we’ve only heard about a single update starting to arrive. You now can mark two more devices off that list, as Android 11 updates start heading out for both the Moto G8 and Moto G8 Power.

The update brings Android 11 enhancements to each handset, as well as Android’s February 2021 security patch. Both phones are receiving Motorola’s build number RPE31.Q4U-47-35. The rollout has begun in Colombia, though there’s no estimation of when updates will expand across the globe.

As with most modern Motorola devices, you can expect the jump to Android 11 to be the only major software upgrade released for either phone. Motorola has previously committed to bringing Android 12 to the Moto Edge+, but has yet to share a complete list for those update plans.