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My Hero Academia Season 5: How, When, And Where To Watch The Popular Anime

The new season of the wildly popular superhero anime My Hero Academia premiered on March 27–and here’s the best part: If you’re in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, or Mexico, you’ll be able to watch Season 5 at the same time as it airs in Japan–both subbed and dubbed–on streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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If you need a refresher on the events of Season 4, we last left off with a massive battle between the current number one ranked hero, Endeavor, and a bioengineered Nomu monster which nearly cost Endeavor his life. His victory was hailed as the coming of a “new symbol of peace” by the media, a title once held by All Might, the former number one hero who passed his quirk ability, One For All, on to the quirkless Midoriya Izuku, AKA Deku, the show’s main protagonist.

Since then, Deku’s relationship with All Might has grown into a close mentor/mentee bond that has put some level of strain and secrecy between him and his UA classmates, especially his childhood frenemy, Bakugo Katsuki. Meanwhile, the evil machinations of the mysterious All For One and his League of Villains, have thrown most of the heroic world into chaos and fear, making the training of Deku’s Class 1-A even more critical.

The next season of the show will handle that conflict as it continues to grow, but it will also deal with the Joint Training Arc, which manga-readers will recognize as the story involving heroes from Class 1-A and Class 1-B coming together at their school in various training situations and simulations. Notably, this arc also returns some fan-favorite side characters like Shinshou and Monoma to the spotlight, if only for a brief moment, as the two classes vie for success in their respective competitions.

Season 5 will run for 25 episodes, and will also include the show’s landmark 100th episode. The show continues to be produced by Studio Bones and will feature and opening theme song called No.1 by DISH.

Catch the first episode of My Hero Academia Season 5 on Saturday, March 27.

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