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New iMacs Expected, As Current Models Vanish

The strange unavailability of multiple configurations of the 21.5in iMac has sparked rumours that a new model will soon be here.

Sources from the supply chain have told AppleInsider that Apple has entirely stopped production of the 512GB and 1TB SSD versions of the iMac 4K. (The 256GB version and 1TB Fusion Drive models are still being produced.) This claim is borne out by these models’ availability – or lack of it – on the Apple website.

On the UK store, if you select the 512GB or 1TB SSD from the build-to-order options on the 4K 21.5in iMac, the Apple Store reports that this configuration is not available.

New iMacs expected, as current models vanish: Currently unavailable

The version with 256GB is in stock with a fairly standard 5-day delivery estimate; delivery on the model with a 1TB Fusion Drive will have to wait 18-22 days.

This is also the case on the German and US stores.

iMac currently unavailable: German store

Apple has not updated the 21.5in iMac 4K for a long time. Ending production on two of the four models indicates the imminent announcement of an M1 iMac, and March – at a spring event – seems realistic for such a device.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by David Price.

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