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New Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0 To Release By the End of April 2021

Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0 is scheduled for a release by the end of next month, Capcom has confirmed.

The new installment in the series releases globally today (alongside a day-1 patch) on the Nintendo Switch, and Capcom is already gearing up to release an update with new content in late April. Exact details about the new update have yet to be revealed, but we do know that it will add the Apex predator of the Ancient Forest, Rathalos, alongside various other monsters.

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Monster Hunter Rise was announced for the Nintendo Switch back in September of last year, and as covered last month, the game will also be releasing on PC next year. A description of the game can be found below alongside the game’s official “Rampage” trailer:

The core gameplay experience in Monster Hunter Rise will feel familiar to previous Monster Hunter entries, but it also introduces several new and exciting mechanics for hunters to master. For the first time ever, wire-based grappling actions can be performed by using a “Wirebug” while standing or in mid-air, adding an all-new level of aerial maneuverability to hunting strategies and attacks. As players defeat monsters and progress through the game, items from fallen foes can be used to craft unique weapons and armor that will increase their chances of future success and survival.

Monster Hunter Rise will introduce Magnamalo, a menacing new flagship monster that will present a formidable challenge to hunters of all skill levels. Players can expect to confront additional new monsters like the shape-shifting Aknosom, the amphibious Tetranadon, as well as numerous fan-favorite and returning species from previous Monster Hunter games. In addition to the plethora of solo and multiplayer quests, the story mode will task aspiring hunters with discovering the secrets behind the puzzling “Rampage” events that threaten Kamura Village.

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