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Nokia X20 with a huge circle of cameras on the back is on its way

We already know HMD is holding an event on April 8 for the announcement of a bunch of new devices. Now, the X20, which might end up being the highest-end phone from the event, has passed through the FCC.

A total of three devices are expected – one from the G-series, and two from the X-series. The first one (G10), is supposed to be an entry-level device with a Helio P22 processor, while the latter (there’s two of them) are expected to feature 5G, which is slowly becoming a mainstream feature on smartphones from all price segments.

We expect the lower-end model to have the recently announced Snapdragon 480 – one of Qualcomm’s most affordable 5G chips. In fact, the first phone featuring the SD 480 is already out – the Vivo’s Y31s – another budget phone.

Then, the X20 is rumored to arrive with a higher-end chip, supposedly from Qualcomm’s 6-series (likely the 690). The display should be 6.5-inches, and the phone is expected to come in two colors – blue and “sand”.

The price for the G10 should be in the €140 ($160) range, while the X-series are expected to cost about twice as much. However, this is not confirmed yet.

All it all, Nokia’s budget and mid-range phones have always offered decent value, but brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and even Apple (with the iPhone SE) have been leaders in the mid-range category for a while now.

That includes Samsung’s newly-released Galaxy A52, which features some exclusive for the price features, such as OIS and IP67 water-resistance! If you are interested, you can check out our full review of the Galaxy 52 now!

We doubt Nokia will be able to offer any of the two premium hardware features on the above-mentioned devices, so if you are after such a package, you might be in for a disappointment.

Then again, Nokia’s phones boast cleaner software experience, with stock-like Android, so there’s definitely a market for them!

Stay tuned for more news around the April 8 release!

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