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NVIDIA CMP 30HX Cryptocurrency Mining GPU Pictured, Gigabyte's Windforce Cooling

NVIDIA’s CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) GPUs with custom cooling designs from AIBs have started showing up. The first of these is the CMP 30HX from Gigabyte that features the mining configured GPU along with custom dual-fan cooling which should deliver optimized thermals when running it in a mining farm.

NVIDIA’s Dedicated Cryptocurrency Mining GPUs, the Gigabyte CMP 30HX, Makes An Appearance With Custom Dual-Fan Cooling

The NVIDIA CMP 30HX is the most entry-level CMP GPU which makes use of the Turing GPU core. A few days ago, we reported some detailed specifications for the CMP 30HX which will be making use of the TU116-100-A1 GPU core. This core is expected to feature 1408 CUDA cores and 6 GB GDDR6 memory running across a 192-bit bus interface. Other specifications include a 125W TDP and a PCB number of PG161 SKU 90.

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The Gigabyte CMP 30HX variant pictured by Videocardz makes use of a custom-designed PCB which is shorted than the length of the cooler. Do note that there’s no backplate on the card but the cooler itself is dual-slot in design and carries over the Windforce 2X cooling solution which will deliver good GPU thermals.

The heatsink beneath is made up of several aluminum fins and makes use of massive copper heat pipes to dissipate heat. The card is powered by a single 8-pin connector which should deliver it the necessary power to maintain its TGP profile. The side of the shroud has the large CMP logo which confirms that this card is made for cryptocurrency mining.

NVIDIA CMP 30HX ‘Gigabyte Windforce’ Cryptocurrency Mining GPU:

Aside from mining, there’s nothing else you can do with it considering that it lacks display outputs making it useless once its mining time is over. The card cannot be sold in the used gaming market and cannot be used for other purposes as a standard display adapter either. The NVIDIA CMP 30HX will launch this month and will deliver up to 26 MH/s in Ethereum. It should cost somewhere within the $200-$300 US pricing range.

Model GPU Board Memory Power Rating Ethereum Hash Rate Availability
CMP 30HX TU116-100 PG161 SKU 90 6GB 125W 26 MH/s March 2021
CMP 40HX TU106-100 PG161 SKU 100 8GB 185W 36 MH/s March 2021
CMP 50HX TU102-100 PG150 SKU 100 10GB 250W 45 MH/s Q2 Of 2021
CMP 90HX GA102-100 PG132 SKU 100 10GB 320W 86 MH/s May 2021

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