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One of T-Mobile's greatest 5G plans has been downgraded, and (some) customers are livid

T-Mobile has been making headlines of late with a number of killer new plan announcements and several discreet upgrades in its ongoing efforts to improve an already impressive subscriber growth rate, but the “Un-carrier” is now in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

While T-Mo did mention right off the bat the 100GB high-speed mobile hotspot data option was a “limited time” offer, it looks like that information could have been communicated and especially detailed more clearly. In addition to the unusually early expiration date of this admittedly amazing deal, at least a couple of folks are taking issue with the fact they’ll seemingly not be allowed to retain their current data buckets after presumably paying $50 a month since December.


In other words, it sounds as though this particular plan will not be grandfathered, which is a practice as old as time, especially for T-Mobile. Instead, both existing owners of accounts with the costliest 5G hotspot service tier and those looking to get as much high-speed data as possible for their tablets or dedicated hotspot devices will need to settle for 50 gigs a month in exchange for their 50 bucks.

That’s still a far better deal than what Verizon and AT&T customers can get at the time of this writing, not to mention that it arguably beats T-Mo’s other 5G hotspot options as well in terms of value for your money. You’re basically looking at spending $1 per every gig of high-speed data a month here, compared to $1.33 and a whopping 3 bucks as far as the 30 and 10GB plans are concerned respectively.

So, yeah, maybe you’re right to be a little upset at T-Mobile, but you also have to admit the $50 for 100 gigs of 5G data promo was simply too good to last very long.

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