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OnePlus renames Fnatic Mode to Pro Gaming Mode after partnership ends

If you own an OnePlus smartphone and you’re wondering what happened with the Fnatic Mode and why it’s been replaced with a new Pro Gaming Mode, the answer is quite simple: a partnership has ended. OnePlus and Fnatic, a professional eSports organization, inked a deal two years ago to make Fnatic Mode a thing on the OnePlus smartphones.However, that partnership ended this year, so OnePlus was forced to remove or rename the Fnatic Mode, which is why many OnePlus users are now seeing only the Pro Gaming Mode on their smartphones.

OnePlus confirmed to XDA Developers that its partnership with Fnatic has come to an end, which is why it replaced the name but kept the functionality. You can read below OnePlus’ comments on the matter:

The change shouldn’t affect OnePlus smartphone users too much, as the company says in the statement above. However, some of the visuals like Fnatic-themed wallpapers might no longer be available going forward.

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