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OnePlus says Hasselblad partnership puts a professional camera in your pocket (VIDEO)

A week ago, we showed you a video released by OnePlus to promote the upcoming OnePlus 9 series that will be introduced on March 23rd. Perhaps the biggest news is that the OnePlus 9 line will feature cameras developed by Hasselblad. As most professional photographers know, Hasselblad is one of the most well known and premium brands in the industry. In last week’s article we told you that OnePlus CEO Pete Lau csaid that the addition of Hasselblad to the OnePlus team will create a new benchmark in mobile photography.
Hasselblad’s first task will be to improve the color quality on photos and videos shot with the OnePlus 9 models. The photography firm’s Global Marketing Manager Bronius Rudnickas, says that with the OnePlus 9 series, Hasselblad achieves great color quality. Today, OnePlus released the second episode of its “Behind the Lens” video series. The company notes that it just can’t slap a Hasselblad logo on the back of its phone. OnePlus has to achieve a very tough goal in what is a very short period of time says Hsiaoua Cheng, the department deputy head of OnePlus’ imaging department. Ms. Cheng notes that the biggest battle between OnePlus and Hasselblad are the discussions they have online over true color.

OnePlus’ Xi Zeng, the firm’s Product Creative Director, makes it clear that OnePlus’ goal after partnering with Hasselblad is to put the professional photography experience in OnePlus users’ pockets. To make this possible, OnePlus worked hard on the User Interface, User Experience, packaging, and even the shutter sound. As Zeng said, “As a tech company, we can help you tell a better story.”

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