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Overwatch runs at 120fps on Xbox Series X but not PS5

Overwatch is now 120fps on Xbox Series X (pic: Blizzard)

A new patch for Overwatch has once again proven that the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5 – or at least easier to develop for.

The Xbox Series X is widely accepted to be the most powerful console ever made. The only reason there’s any doubt is that there’s been no games, and certainly no exclusives, that are able to clearly demonstrate the fact.

The power gap with the PlayStation 5 isn’t thought to be much wider than between the Xbox Series X and PS4 Pro but one clear new example of the difference has emerged thanks to the latest patch for Overwatch.

Patch 1.58 is a pretty big one and in amongst its various changes are three new graphical options for the Xbox Series X/S, one of which allows the game to run at 120fps at 1440p resolution (or 1080p on Xbox Series S).

No such option is offered for the PlayStation 5 and there’s no indication that it’s coming at a later date, which implies that either the PlayStation 5 can’t run the game at that frame rate or that Blizzard are having trouble getting it to work.

The three modes in question are Resolution, Balanced, and Framerate and all three perform differently depending on whether you’re running the game on an Xbox Series X or the less powerful Xbox Series S.

Resolution prioritises screen resolution and runs the game at 4K and 60Hz on Xbox Series X, and 1440p and 60Hz on Xbox Series S.

Balanced prioritises image quality over resolution and runs at 1440p and 60Hz on Xbox Series X, and 1080p and 60Hz on Xbox Series S.

The Framerate mode is the only one that runs at 120fps, as well as 120Hz on both consoles – if you have a TV or monitor that specifically supports 120Hz or VRR (variable refresh rate).

This isn’t the first time that a multiformat Xbox Series X game has offered a 120fps option and not the PlayStation 5, with Call Of Duty: Warzone also gaining a similar update recently.

How important such an option is remains a subject of some contention though, as while anything less than 60fps is noticeable anything above is much less obvious.

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