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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are the ultimate work-from-home wearable

Razer is really feeling the pandemic vibe, which was first realized when it unveiled the Project Hazel RGB mask at CES. While that remains a concept, for now, the maker of some of the best gaming laptops decided to go another route with its work-from-home accessories. That brings us to the company’s first pair of smart glasses, the Razer Anzu.

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With the Anzu, Razer manages to create a pair of smart glasses that look good and help protect your eyes from the visual strain that can come from working from home. The Anzu features 35% blue light filtering lenses and additional polarized sunglass lenses with 99% UVA/UVB protection. With more people staying home these days, filtering blue light can promote better eye care, especially when sitting in front of a computer or gaming monitor for extended periods of time.

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According to Head of Sales and Marketing at Razer, John Moore, this was a major inspiration for launching the company’s first pair of smart glasses:

The Razer Anzu modernizes the wearable category in terms of convenience and blue light or UV protection. With Anzu, Razer is entering the market when there is a surge of people working from home – where eye protection, hands-free communication, and smart features are now in high demand.

Other features include Bluetooth 5.1 and open-ear speakers, so the audio experience may not compare to some of the best wireless earbuds like the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro here. That said, Razer touts impressive low-latency audio, which is ideal for gamers.

Speaking of gamers, the Anzu has a dedicated gaming mode and omnidirectional mics that make it easy to chat with friends during a gaming session or on a call. The glasses also have touch controls on the frame for easy navigation and access to smart assistants. There’s also a dedicated app to help control settings like EQ, latency, firmware updates, and more.

As for battery life, the Razer Anzu can handle more than five-hours of usage but can last up to two weeks when in closed standby mode. And for the moments when you actually have to step outside the house, the Anzu features IPX4 water and dust resistance.

The Razer Anzu smart glasses are available in small or large and will come in two styles — rectangular or circular. The glasses retail for $200 at Best Buy and on Razer’s website, and the company is also partnering with Lensabl for 15% off of prescription lenses when purchasing the Anzu.

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Perfect for work-from-home life

The Razer Anzu smart glasses are the ideal pair of glasses for anyone working from home or spending extended periods of time from a computer. They feature eye-protecting lenses with blue light filters and have touch controls to navigate calls, music, and gaming with friends. With built-in mics and speakers, the Razer Anzu is all you’ll need at home or on the go.

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