Arlo is known in the security camera space for making very good, very expensive products. The Ultra line in particular, with its 4K HDR capabilities, is notoriously pricey. Though it’s been replaced by the newer Ultra 2, the original Arlo Ultra is still a very capable camera, and you can get cameras and kits starting at just $110 today on Woot.

In our Arlo Ultra review, Ryan noted that “$400 for a single camera kit is a serious investment.” That’s definitely true, but today, you can get much more for your money: Woot is offering a single add-on camera for $110, a two-camera kit for $280, or a three-camera kit for $380. They’re all factory refurbished, but Arlo offers a 90-day warranty in case of defects. Versus the newer Ultra 2, you’re mostly just missing out on enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

Note that this price is for a 3-camera kit, even though the photo is a 2-camera kit.

Arlo no longer sells these particular cameras new, so it’s not easy to give a hard figure on how much you’re saving. For reference, though, the three-camera kit you can get for $380 today originally retailed for $800 — so this is quite the deal. The sale runs for about eight more hours as of writing; hit the link below to check it out.