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Samsung Galaxy A52 prices, deals, and release availability

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We are a few short weeks away from the Galaxy A52 5G, A52 and A72 landing on this side of the pond, Samsung told us, but the phones are already released in the UK and Europe complete with their base pricing and some trade-in deals thrown in for a good measure.

What caught our attention in particular is the base Galaxy A52 price that is a tad lower than its predecessor’s launch tag. Samsung hinted that it will be lowering its phone prices this year with the Galaxy S21 series that is on average $200 cheaper than the Galaxy S20 models, and the A-series now follows suit, just as we heard.

Samsung Galaxy A52 price for the 5G and 4G models

  • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 6GB/128GB price: 429 EUR/£399 ($510/$550)
  • Samsung Galaxy A52 6GB/128GB price: 349 EUR ($415)
Last year, the Galaxy A51, for instance, was released at $399.99 base price, and the A51 5G went for a Benjamin more. Verizon’s special UW version with mmWave modem and antennas was the most expensive one at $549.99. 

Yet, as you can see above, the Galaxy A52 5G pricing in the UK is slightly lower than its predecessor the A51 5G commanded at launch. Hopefully this trend will keep in America as well, but even if the Galaxy A52 5G ships for $499 just as its predecessor, it will still be one of the most affordable and well-appointed 5G phones for the price in the US.

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