Samsung’s self-branded internet browser comes pre-installed on all its Android devices. If you’ve never opened it (or done so just once, and then switched to Chrome), the company is hoping you’ll check it out with some new improvements. Version 14.0 is now in beta, available as a download from the Galaxy Store, Play Store, and over on APK Mirror.

Based on the update text from Samsung’s press site, the new version includes the following changes:

  • Now based on Chromium 87
  • “Enhanced smart anti-tracking” that automatically clears cookies at scheduled intervals
  • A new privacy control panel, showing how many pop-ups and cookies have been blocked
  • On Galaxy Fold and Flip devices: automatically launch Flex mode when a video goes full screen (previously needed the video assistant)
  • App Pair can launch two or three Samsung Internet windows in splitscreen at once
  • System font applies to web pages
  • Galaxy Tab S7: handwriting recognition in text boxes and the URL bar
  • Improvements to reader mode
  • Browser translation extension now supports 18 languages

Samsung says that the update will be headed out to the general release sometime in April. And in case you didn’t know: the app is compatible with most Android devices, not just Samsung phones and tablets. Naturally, device-specific features won’t be available everywhere.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta
Samsung Internet Browser Beta