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Samsung might be cooking up an AirPods-undercutting Galaxy Buds 2 product

Samsung’s AirPods-rivaling true wireless earbuds release and branding strategy has been a little… erratic, with the original Galaxy Buds followed by a Plus model rather than a Buds 2 product, after which the Buds Live came out with an entirely new design and active noise cancellation technology.

Finally, the Galaxy Buds Pro brought the best of both worlds together earlier this year, pairing a sleek and relatively straightforward design with the aforementioned AirPods Pro-challenging ANC functionality. The only problem with these bad boys is they’re pretty expensive compared to the OG Galaxy Buds, for instance, at a recommended price of $200 that hasn’t been discounted very deeply or very often so far.
That probably explains why Samsung is apparently working on an upcoming product dubbed Galaxy Buds 2, which SamMobile speculates could see daylight alongside the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Fold 3 powerhouse sometime during the second half of the year.
Given that we expect the next-gen true wireless earbuds to be cheaper than not just the aforementioned state-of-the-art Galaxy Buds Pro but also the $170 Buds Live and $150 Buds+, an official announcement together with the similarly inexpensive Galaxy S21 FE 5G handset in August is obviously not to be ruled out. 
Unfortunately, the always resourceful Max Weinbach from Android Police hasn’t been able to dig up a lot of inside info about this unreleased “hearable” apart from that expected marketing label, a customarily cryptic “berry” codename, and the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple compatible devices.
We’ll just have to wait for all the other puzzle pieces to fall into place over the next few months, during which time you can still purchase the OG Galaxy Buds and Buds+ in exchange for $130 and $110 respectively directly from Samsung‘s official US e-store. 
That’s right, the company is currently charging more for the older and humbler model, which feels pretty absurd. On the bright side, many third-party retailers have offered awesome deals on the Buds, Buds+, and even Buds Live of late, so you may want to keep an eye out for something similar in the near future.

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