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Sandbox buys Fingerprint to create Sandbox Kids | Pocket Gamer.biz

Millennial learning and entertainment firm Sandbox has snapped up mobile kids digital content creator Fingerprint.

Together the companies will form Sandbox Kids, which will provide subscriptions services across multiple platforms to deliver on-demand and multimedia.

The new division will include existing properties such as Curious World and Kidomi by Fingerprint.

Nancy MacIntyre will head up Sandbox Kids. She will work to build partnerships and helping them to develop and operate market subscriptions.

Fingerprint’s products already boast 55 million users a month.

However, it is expected that Sandbox Kids will provide safe entertainment to more than 1.1 billion children worldwide through mobile devices.

Logical step

“Sandbox Kids makes perfect sense for our business, partners and customers,” said MacIntyre.

“By consolidating our brands and combining commercial synergies, we aim to scale the company by building our global partnerships with Mobile Carriers, Pay TV Companies, OEMs and offering a broader suite of products and an expanded library with our original and acquired content.

“This is a hugely exciting time for the company, and we are actively looking for kids’ content and brands that can complement our growing portfolio.”

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