The Pixelbook Go is a sturdy, friendly Chromebook. But as Google’s premium statement piece starting at $649 for an Intel Core m3 model, there might’ve been a disconnect between its humble industrial design and the price tag. Alas, if you do want a Pixelbook Go right now, you can the more robust models for a good discount at several retailers.

This 13.3″ Chromebook is a lightweight laptop with a great, quiet keyboard, decent speakers, a headphone jack, and at least 8GB of RAM. The display could be better layered to deal with sunlight and the battery life only comes close to the 12 hours Google has rated, but overall, the Pixelbook Go is a nice thing to use.

Google and participating retailers have given the Go progressive discounts starting with the i5 models going up. Who knows, you might even consider splurging a little extra for that bigger battery and 4K screen on the i7 model? We’ve got all the links you need below.