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Showdown Unveils Its New Boss Scrapbeak in a Haunting and Violent New Trailer

It’s been over three years since Hunt: Showdown first launched in early access, and Crytek is celebrating in a big way with an all-new boss! Previously, there were only three bosses in the game, so adding a new one is a pretty big deal, and Scrapbeak certainly looks like an intimidating threat. The crow-themed baddie looks to be fast, smart, and his barbed-wire-filled “nest” does not look like a welcoming place (to say the least). Check out the first trailer for Scrapbeak, below.

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That’s a bird you don’t mess with! Here’s a brief official description for Scrapbeak:

You have fought together and finally the time has come. A new threat emerges from the darkness… Scrapbeak is here! Scrapbeak is prepared for Hunters to make a wrong move. The veteran soldier turned abomination is aware of what man is capable of & does everything to uneven the odds in their favor, tempting their victims to strategize early or never again.

Hunt: Showdown is currently in the midst of a special anniversary event – now that Scrapbeak has been unlocked, players can use the event points they collect to unlock a variety of new gear. Here’s a rundown of the gear available via the anniversary event

  • New Hunter: The Plague Doctor – An encounter with a resurgent outbreak turned the Plague Doctor to arcane methods of fighting pestilence. Convinced that New Orleans represents its evolution, he arrived to treat it with fire, lead, and his own array of ministrations.
  • The Shrike – Like its namesake, this butchering blade stealthily impales its prey on its insatiable, beak-like spike. The addition of a Bomb Lance’s explosive charge, it is said, was added by Scrapbeak themselves, just after their gruesome transformation.
  • Dark Miasma – Though long out of favor with upstanding physicians, some few continued their study of the miasma’s connection to the spread of disease. Did the corruption in New Orleans arrive on the dark breath of those noxious night vapors? No matter, for a shot of this Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol will purify the air – and clear the room of any undesirable human elements.
  • Sweet Briar – The thorniest briars harbor the sweetest fruits, and the Sweet Briar is so named for its promise to hook clean and burst true. A Sticky Bomb suited to killing both beast and bird, it scatters bone to feed new thorn shoots.
  • Scavenger’s Snare – Scavenging is a dirty business, its Hunter-practitioners not prone to patience. The Scavenger’s Snare can expediate the process of separating owner from goods — or destroy that which you do not wish others to find.
  • The Marrow – Splintered bones can be set, torn skin stitched, and burns dressed and salved. This First Aid Kit has been passed from Hunter to Hunter – both talisman and burden. Though it can heal even wounds that cut right down to the marrow, it always takes some small – if intangible – token in return.

Hunt: Showdown is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and playable via backward compatibility on Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The current event will continue until April 12.

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