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Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector rises to the challenge of the Galaxy S21's unique design (Sponsored)

The dream of an all-screen phone has introduced significant technical challenges — not just for smartphone makers, but when it comes to high-quality accessories, too. Not every screen protector will play nice with your in-display fingerprint sensor. But Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S21 series has been fully re-engineered with the thinnest liquid adhesive layer possible, ensuring a perfect fit, full functionality, and maximum protection for your new Galaxy S21.

Thanks to Spigen’s close relationship with Samsung through their Accessory Program, the case maker found out early on that their standard screen protector, the Neo Flex, simply wasn’t compatible with the Galaxy S21’s newest fingerprint sensor. Although Neo Flex used an exceptionally thin layer of adhesive to attach it to a display, it was still too thick to allow fingerprints to register. Instead, Spigen would need to design a solution that not only contained an even thinner adhesive layer, but that increased durability while also working seamlessly with Samsung’s latest devices.

Spigen chose to partner up with Whitestone Dome, a manufacturer known for designing 3D glasses, to make use of their liquid UV adhesive technology. Combined with Spigen’s enhanced installation tray that ensures the screen protector is applied correctly, the duo appeared to have a promising solution. They couldn’t be certain, though, until 45 different test trials across 20 hardware prototypes yielded a 100% compatibility rate with the S21’s fingerprint sensor. This would ultimately become the all-new Glas.tR Platinum tempered glass screen protector from Spigen.

Early prototypes of Spigen’s installation tray. Bottom photo shows a final revision to strengthen the glue absorbing pads to prevent leakage.

As a liquid-adhesive tempered glass screen protector, the Glas.tR Platinum touts exceptional durability and greater resistance to lifting at the corners compared to other types of screen protectors. It also offers full-coverage edge-to-edge protection, and the tray-based installation process ensures a perfect and precise fit paired with UV-cured strength. The glue bridge helps center the liquid adhesive, and the guiding pin and leveling tool helps ensure a perfect and easier application compared to other systems. Even better, the new Glas.tR is precisely shaped to work optimally with Spigen’s cases for that perfectly tailored Galaxy S21 experience.

Spigen’s new Glas.tR Platinum is available now on Amazon:

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