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Surprise! Some Pixel models are affected by Daylight Saving Time bug

Some Pixel models are confused by Daylight Saving Time!

One year, Apple moved the clock back an hour instead of ahead one hour by mistake; this made everyone late that morning. Another time it adjusted the time for those in Arizona even though it is one of two states that doesn’t support the time change (Hawaii is the other state). And asking Siri was no help that year because it told users that DST was going to begin four days earlier than the actual date.

Well, as things turned out, we should have also warned Pixel users to double-check the time on their phones this morning. Several Pixel totin’ Reddit users posted complaints about the failure of models like the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a and Pixel 4 XL to move the clock ahead an hour this morning. And some Pixel users in Arizona saw their phone’s clock move ahead an hour even though the state, as we previously noted, does not follow Daylight Saving Time.

Historically, the Pixel models have not experienced a problem with DST unlike the iPhone, which has had issues with the time change dating back to 2010. Pixel users who experienced a problem with Daylight Saving Time all had their device set to receive “network-provided time and the network-provided time zone.” You can check out those settings by going to Settings > System > Date & time.

One Pixel 4a 5G user watched as the clock on his phone went from 1:59am to 3:00 am. When he wasn’t looking, the hour that was added was taken back. Turning off the phone and booting it up again fixed the issue. And this problem cannot be simply brushed off as not being a big deal. One Pixel user whose phone did not move ahead one hour didn’t get the alarm he set to go off at the right time and as a result, he almost missed the appointment he had for his COVID-19 vaccination.
A Reddit user who goes by the handle Mr._Loopers explained his predicament: “Yes. Pixel 4a. A bit more info…The display for the time didn’t change, but when I went into the Clock app it was on the correct new time, and I got a notification from my pill reminder app about detecting a “timezone” change. I had to restart for the main display to change though. Quite a shocking failure really.”

And while most of the iPhone users we spoke with today didn’t report any issues with the time change, we did hear from one iPhone owner who told us that it “Took iOS 11 hours to figure out DST this year.” He said that resetting to automatic time didn’t help, and neither did rebooting the phone. So he changed the time manually. All was good-for an hour. At that point the clock rest itself to the wrong time. So he set it on auto and a couple of hours later the correct time was being shown on his iPhone.

If you’ve experienced any issues today with the Daylight Saving Time time change on iOS or Android, please let us know by responding to this story. If you have any screenshots, please include them.

It is extremely odd that our smartphones can handle all sorts of complex tasks and yet something as simple as Daylight Saving Time seems to baffle these devices.

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