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T-Mobile makes an important change to one of its best unlimited 5G plans

T-Mobile is vastly and objectively superior to the competition from a number of different standpoints nowadays, but while Magenta’s 5G infrastructure advantage tends to capture the limelight and make headline after headline, its undeniable edge in terms of value for money may actually be the main reason why subscriber figures are growing at such a remarkable pace.

As if the “Un-carrier’s” wireless plans were not already diverse and aggressively priced enough to give Verizon and AT&T a run for their money, two new maxed-out options went official with proper fanfare in the space of just a few days last month. While not exactly what one would deem affordable at first glance, the aptly named Magenta Max and Magenta Max Unlimited 55 (or Magenta Max 55+) plans include truly unrivaled perks and benefits at fairly reasonable prices… all things considered.

How much do you have to pay for four unlimited 55+ lines?

Of course, the nationwide Max 55+ option is hard to compete against when Big Red and Ma Bell only allow their customers in Florida to sign up for a “senior” plan… for some reason, and believe it or not, T-Mo is already sweetening the deal for its subscribers aged 55 and up even further.
Although T-Mobile did promise a few weeks ago that the possibility to add up to four lines to a 55+ account would be introduced “soon”, no actual date was provided at that point. It appears the moment you’ve been waiting for is now here, with the previous two-line restriction removed for both Magenta 55+ and Max 55+ plans.

If you opt for the latter, your first line of “maxed-out” wireless service will set you back $65 a month (taxes and fees included), with the second one available for just 25 bucks more for a grand total of $90 (for a limited time), and both third and fourth lines costing $45 a month.

Meanwhile, one “regular” Magenta 55+ line is currently available for $50 a month, with the second line costing $20 on top of that (also for a limited time), and the third and fourth lines requiring monthly payments of $35 each. Finally, the entry-level Essentials 55+ plan remains restricted to no more than two lines per account at $40 and $55 a month for one and two lines respectively.

What do you get for your money?

All of the above prices include Autopay discounts, mind you, as well as full 5G access at no extra cost. Naturally, not all plans are created equal as far as 5G (and 4G LTE) speeds are concerned, with the Magenta Max 55+ (or Magenta Max Unlimited 55) option supporting 4K UHD streaming with no limits or caps while also including unlimited “premium” data.

That means you will never have to worry about so-called “prioritization”, which is basically throttling for people who consume a lot of data each month. We’re talking more than 100 gigs, which might sound like a reasonable limit… until you start binging old seasons of “Stranger Things” in 4K resolution.

Speaking of Netflix shows, you should also note the Magenta Max 55+ plan, just like Magenta Max, includes a complimentary “Standard” subscription to the world’s most popular video streaming service on all family accounts (ranging from two to four lines) while downgrading that to “Basic” access for single lines.

Of course, the Magenta Unlimited 55 (or Magenta 55+) plan is not without its share of cool benefits, supporting unlimited SD streaming and unlimited talk, text, and 5G data while capping off at the aforementioned 100 gigs of max-speed data and only 5 gigs of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data (compared to a whopping 40GB for the Max 55+ tier). 

Because we know it can be a little confusing to choose the best plan to fit your individual needs and preferences, you should rest assured keeping in mind that Verizon and AT&T simply have nothing in their lineups to rival T-Mobile’s value-packed options for senior consumers. In other words, there’s essentially no wrong choice to be made here.

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