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TeamGroup Tips Overclockable DDR5 RAM

(Credit: TeamGroup)

DDR5 RAM is poised to be super fast. But you’ll also be able to overclock it too, according to the memory vendor TeamGroup. 

On Friday, the company said it’s been sending samples of overclockable DDR5 RAM to major motherboard makers, including Asus, ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte. 

TeamGroup is ratcheting up the speeds, pointing to how DDR5 RAM “has greater room for voltage adjustment,” due to the improved power management on board. Specifically, the RAM is capable of supporting peak voltages at over 2.6 volts. 

“In previous generations, voltage conversion was controlled by the motherboard,” TeamGroup explained. “With DDR5, components were moved to the memory, enabling the module to handle the voltage conversion, which not only reduces voltage wear but also reduces noise generation.  This allows significantly increased room for overclocking compared to the past, and more powerful computing processing.”

The company’s announcement didn’t go into the technical details around leveraging 2.6 volts for the overclocking. So we’ll have to wait and see how it works exactly. But the standard DDR5 speeds will already be quite fast. Back in December, TeamGroup said it had developed a 16GB DDR5 RAM module that can support speeds from 4800 to 5200MHz, but at 1.1 volts. 

TeamGroup is preparing to launch its first DDR5 RAM products in the third quarter. Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake chips, which will arrive later this year, are expected to support DDR5 RAM on a new motherboard series called the Z690. 

Other companies, including Samsung and SK Hynix, are also developing DDR5 RAM products with speeds at 7,200MHz and eventually 8,400MHz.

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