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That long overdue OnePlus Watch is officially coming alongside the OnePlus 9 series

Instead of unsuccessfully trying to keep everything a secret in advance of a big product announcement event, as so many other companies tend to do, OnePlus generally likes to take control of its narrative, willingly revealing not only the identities of its unreleased gadgets but plenty of key specs and features ahead of time as well.

Case in point, CEO Pete Lau confirmed earlier this week the groundbreaking presence of a charger inside the retail box of his company’s impending 9-series handsets. The “shocking” revelation came just 24 hours after the March 23 date was etched in stone for the full unveiling of the OnePlus 9 5G family in partnership with premium photographic equipment manufacturer Hasselblad.
As rumored a number of times in recent months by a number of different sources and as anticipated by many hardcore brand fans on social media and the company’s official forum, OnePlus also has something else up its sleeve. Something that’s been several years in the making, allowing the company to tap into a market brimming of growth potential at long last.
That’s right, the first-ever OnePlus smartwatch is officially slated for a March 23 announcement as well, and although most of the details on its design, hardware characteristics, and even software are still under wraps, something tells us that’s likely to change in the next few days.
For the time being, we’re pretty sure the OnePlus Watch will come in at least two different variants, one of which is guaranteed to sport an elegant circular body and high-quality AMOLED display. The two largely mysterious models may or may not draw aesthetic inspiration from the rectangular Oppo Watch and round-faced Oppo Watch RX while almost certainly running a tweaked version of Google’s Wear OS platform on the software side of things.
Obviously, we’ll have to wait at least a little while longer to hear about important stuff like retail pricing and market availability, but knowing OnePlus, we fully expect the company’s rookie smartwatch effort to undercut the existing Apple Watch Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, as well as the latter’s rumored Wear OS-powered sequel/spin-off.

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