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The Best Optical Audio Cables

In the days before HDMI 2.1 led the digital-decoding landscape, there was the digital optical cable. Known as a TOSLINK cable in some A/V circles, the optical audio cable was pioneered by Toshiba in 1983. Capable of transferring uncompressed audio signals from stand-alone components to an AV receiver, soundbar, and other types of home theater hardware, an optical cable is a one-and-done purchase you shouldn’t skimp on. As audio connoisseurs, we’ve vetted through a plethora of different wire brands to bring you this list of the best optical audio cables.

KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable

kabeldirekt optical audio cable

Outfitted with 24K gold-plated connectors, the KabelDirekt Optical Digital Audio Cable represents some of the best bang you can get for your buck. According to the company, the gold-plated connectors are corrosion-resistant and, because of its fiber-optic design, the cable itself won’t have to deal with any interference from radio (RFI) or electromagnetic (EMI) frequencies.

iVANKY Optical Audio Cable

ivanky optical cable

For the price, iVANKY packs a number of solid features into its optical cable. It’s made of CL3-rated material, meaning it’s completely safe for in-wall installations. It also has a nylon braided jacket, intended to provide heat resistance as well as anti-friction and anti-corrosion protection. The iVANKY Optical Audio Cable also has removable rubber caps for each end in order to protect the tips from dust particles when they aren’t in use.

BlueRigger Premium Digital Optical Cable

Blue Rigger optical cable

BlueRigger’s premium cable comes with a number of, well, premium features. The BlueRigger has 24K gold-plated connectors, a polished convex lens (which is supposed to eliminate both RFI and EMI frequencies), and an outer layer of PVC that’s intended to be durable and bendable. Plus, while not explicitly stated, the BlueRigger Premium Digital Optical Cable is also CL3 rated for in-wall setups.

Cmple Toslink Digital Fiber Optical Cable

Cmple optical cable

For those home theater setups that require a longer run of optical cable, Cmple provides 100 feet of cable for one of the lowest prices currently on the market. The cable itself has gold-plated connectors, and it’s enveloped in tear-resistant PVC materials. Plus, Cmple markets the Cmple Toslink Digital Fiber Optical Cable as ultra-thin and lightweight, positioning it as an unobtrusive addition to your room.

FosPower Toslink Digital Optical Cable

Fospower optical cable

While the FosPower Toslink Digital Optical Cable doesn’t have a set of features that make it vary widely from the rest of the cables on this list, it is priced quite competitively. The cable has gold-plated connectors, as well as a braided nylon mesh jacket. It also comes in at a great price.

AmazonBasics Digital Optical Toslink Cable

AmazonBasics optical cable

What the AmazonBasics Digital Optical Toslink Cable does not have is the eye-catching aesthetics and style of other cables within this list. What it does have, though, is the familiarity of a brand name like Amazon, plus a seriously low price that only a company like Amazon can provide. For those who just need a basic plug-and-play cable, you’re likely to get a solid value here.

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