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The Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses for 2021

Cameras that can swap out lenses, like those in Sony’s mirrorless system, don’t work with just any lens. You’ll need to shop for one that’s made for your camera. If you opt for the Sony system, you’ll benefit from a very long history, and with a decade’s worth of lens development, there are oodles of optics from which to choose.

It’s a robust, complete lens system. It benefits from Sony’s early bet on mirrorless, along with support from numerous third parties. Ultra-wide, macro, telephoto—it’s all covered, in one form or another. But figuring out which lens is right for you can be tough, especially if you’re just getting started with the system.

Two Sensors, One Mount

Sony sells two types of mirrorless cameras. The a6000 series is built around the APS-C size, and its a7 and a9 cameras use the larger full-frame size. Because of this, you need to take some care in buying the right lens for your camera. Sony consistently names its APS-C lenses with an E designation, while full-frame options get FE, but third parties don’t always follow suit.

You’ll also want to take a look at the lens family. Sony gives its better optics a G designation, and reserves the GM (G Master) moniker for its highest-quality lenses. If you own a high-resolution a7R model, it’s often worth it to splurge for a GM lens, but you can usually get excellent results with lesser priced lenses when you’re working with an a7 or a6000 camera.

We’ll help you suss out which lenses are best suited for which camera models here, and decide what type of lens you want to add to your kit.

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