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The date of Google's next Pixel phone event may have just leaked

Leaked Google Pixel 5a CAD-based renders

The dates of Google’s Pixel events have been quite hard to predict ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. That continues to be the case, but one tipster has managed to obtain a potential date for Google’s next announcement.

Here’s when the next Google Pixel could be announced

YouTuber Jon Prosser, who has previously shared reliable information including the Pixel 4a’s introduction date, claims that Google has secretly scheduled a Pixel announcement for Friday, June 11. 

At the moment, Prosser doesn’t know which Pixel phone the event (or press release) is going to focus on, but it would seem there are three options on the table based on recent reports and rumors. 
The first one, and most unlikely, is a Pixel 6 event. Google is hard at work on the flagship Pixel 6 series as we speak, although it usually announces new high-end phones in October, so a June announcement would be odd.

The second option involves the rumored foldable Pixel. Not much is known about this product at the moment, yet it’s been indicated in recent weeks that the premium device won’t hit shelves until Q4 2021, so a June event would once again be surprising.

For reference, the Pixel 3a debuted in May 2019 and the Pixel 4a was scheduled for May 2020 before being delayed until August due to the pandemic. A June announcement for the Pixel 5a would, therefore, make perfect sense.

New Google Pixel Buds are scheduled for April

In addition to new Pixel smartphones, Google is also working on a new pair of Pixel Buds wireless earbuds. Prosser didn’t provide any detailed information about them, but he says they’ll be announced in mid-April.

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