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The IGDA makes changes to its board of directors | Pocket Gamer.biz

The International Game Developers Association has made some changes to its board of directors.

Natasha Skult is the first shake up, with the MiTale Ltd creative director and CEO poised to take the role of chair, after initially joining the board of directors in 2020.

Next, Margaret Krohn has been added to the board as a general member. Currently, she serves as the community marketing lead for Intrepid Studios and CMO at Roll4lt.

Skult and Krohn will join newly elected board members Tim Cullings and Taha Rasouli.
Currently, Cullings is the director of operations at Global Game Jam. However, he also has leadership experience at Seattle Indies, IGDA Seattle, and IndieCade.

Rasouli, meanwhile, is the co-founder of Iranian investment and publishing firm Ava Games. He has also been the leader of IGDA Iran since 2014.

So much talent

“We’re fortunate to have talented individuals with such diverse experiences aid the IGDA in its mission of supporting and empowering game developers around the world to achieve fulfilling and sustainable careers,” said IGDA executive director Renee Gittins.

“With their help, we’ll be able to forge even more amazingpartnerships with companies like Facebook Gaming, which is currently supporting the ongoing 2021 Developer Satisfaction Survey.”

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