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The OnePlus 9 won't follow Apple and Samsung phones — confirmed to ship with a charger

One of the defining features of 2021 will likely be whether or not a smartphone comes equipped with a charger in the box. After Apple and Samsung decided to ditch the charging adapter over environmental reasons, it’s been increasingly expected that more OEMs will follow this example. According to CEO Pete Lau, the OnePlus 9 won’t deprive its owners.

On a OnePlus community forum, Lau responded to what might be considered a criticism about new phones launching without chargers. His response confirmed the presence of a charger with the OnePlus 9 series:

Don’t worry about it. We have the charger inside the box.

The news comes just as the company announced both the launch date and its Hasselblad partnership, which promises better camera performance that should rival even the best Android phones this year.

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It was already rumored that the OnePlus 9 would include a charger, but this solidifies things. Given that OnePlus uses proprietary charging tech to reach speeds of 65W, it’s not exactly surprising that the OnePlus 9 series would still come with chargers since many of the best USB-C phone chargers don’t reach these speeds. The OnePlus 8T was the first device by the company to achieve 65W charging, so it will be some time before more compatible chargers are lying around.

This is great news for OnePlus fans and fans of faster charging speeds, especially compared to the best Samsung phones, which have topped out at 45W. The OnePlus 8T charger could also supply 45W charging to other non-OnePlus devices that supported those speeds, which means it will be a handy thing to have around the house.

While not confirmed, the OnePlus 9 Pro will likely feature a 4,500mAh battery and 45W wireless charging. However, it’s unclear if these numbers will carry over to the standard OnePlus 9 and are unlikely to be the same on the lower-end OnePlus 9R.

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