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Thermalright Announces the Frost Commander 140 CPU Cooler

Thermalright has introduced its newest air cooler, called the Frost Commander 140, which utilizes a dual-tower design with a height of 160 mm. Thermalright has included two fans that can achieve a maximum speed of up to 1,850 RPM. Thermalright has yet to announce any pricing information or any information regarding thermal performance numbers but has stated that this CPU cooler is an alternative to entry/mid-AiO liquid CPU coolers.

The Frost Commander 140 CPU cooler comes with two fans and uses a dual-tower heatsink design, which allows for a higher cooling capacity!

This cooler features a dual-tower design, and each tower features 53 aluminum fins with five 8 mm-thick copper heat pipes that make indirect with the CPU. This cooler utilizes a mirror-finished nickel-plated copper base that allows for efficient thermal transfer while keeping the CPU cooler’s overall finish looking fantastic. This CPU cooler comes with additional fan mounting clips, allowing up to three fans to be easily mounted to this cooler.

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The Frost Commander 140 CPU Cooler comes with two different fans, and the larger one is the TL-D14X while the smaller one is the TL-C12. The larger fan is mounted between the two towers, while the smaller fan is mounted to the outside tower.

The TL-D14X is a 140 mm fan with a maximum fan speed of 1,800 RPM, creates a maximum noise level of 30.2 dBA, and can create up to 95.50 CFM of airflow. This larger fan may have a slower maximum fan speed but still produces a higher amount of airflow! The TL-C12 is a 120 mm fan; this fan has a maximum fan speed of 1,850 RPM, creates up to 82 CFM of airflow, and a maximum noise level of 29.6 dBA.

Both of these fans use fluid-dynamic bearings, which ensures a longer lifespan and keeps the fans quieter during high workloads. Thermalright has yet to announce any official thermal performance numbers but stated that this cooler was designed to compete with entry-level or mid-level AiO liquid CPU coolers.

Thermalright has yet to announce any pricing information regarding the Frost Commander 140 or any information regarding when this CPU cooler will be available for purchase.

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