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This Katana-Equipped Gaming Chair Will Scare Your Opponents

You never want to be attacked by a ninja in your gaming chair without a weapon to defend yourself. Lenovo has the solution for that with a very-limited katana-equipped gaming chair. No longer will you have to worry, as you’ll be able to parry your attacker while getting Play of the Game as Winston. Well, that’s provided you actually win one of the chairs.

Only available to five lucky people in a drawing through Lenovo in Japan, the “Devil’s Blade” chair features a replica katana along with a sheath, as well as a backing design based on the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. It’s a customized version of an existing chair and Lenovo doesn’t have any plans to sell it once the giveaway has completed. That’s probably for the best, lest too many people become katana masters.

“While you played Overwatch, I studied the blade.” It has a nice ring to it.

In actuality, the sword can’t be pulled out of its slot on the side of the chair, so it’s purely for looks. Because it sticks up near the armrest, there is also a chance it could get in the way of your own arms while you’re trying to game. Based on the wording of the requirements, it looks like you also have to actually live in Japan in order to qualify.

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