Most of us work for the weekend — two whole days of freedom. But being free from responsibilities and cares doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mindful. It is in this frame that Google presents a meditational ASMR video chock full of head-tingling advice on how to move data from your old phone to a new Pixel device. Because we really needed this.

The head tingling comes from a woman’s soft, but heavily-textured voice and the advice she gives should help guide you through transferring your SIM, apps, contacts, etc. from one phone to the other. She also exudes moments of transcendental yoga instructor with pithy quotes like “I like to turn my Pixel on using telekinesis. But when you did it, you probably held down the button on the right-hand side.”

If you find yourself annoyed by any of this video’s quirks, remember to breathe deeply in through the nose and out the mouth. Repeat as necessary. Or just enjoy the stock footage montage of scenes from nature replete with a greenscreened Pixel phone getting set up alongside a different soundtrack.