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This YouTuber Bought An Exoskeleton To Wield A Buster Sword Like Cloud Strife

Allen Pan, who runs the Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel, has published a new video showcasing how anyone can wield a giant anime sword with a little help from an exoskeleton.

In an approximately 13-minute video, Pan discusses how he achieved the ultimate goal: swinging a generic replica of Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. To do this, he used his stimulus money to enlist a friend to build the sword. But how does someone pick up the Buster Sword, a comically large weapon that looks very heavy? A $900 Steadicam exoskeleton, that’s how.

The sword in Pan’s video, built by his friend at 3.6.9 Design, is 50 pounds. It’s not that heavy, but because of the way it’s picked up, Pan’s generic Buster Sword actually generates 150 pounds of torque, the same amount of force a car engine produces. This is where the $900 used exoskeleton comes in, to help offset the weight of the Buster Sword.

Inspired by Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, Pan modifies a passive camera-stabilizing exoskeleton with additional springs to further account for the sword’s weight. He initially wanted to wield the sword just as Cloud does but was convinced the suit wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of the sword without assistance. So he went a different route: attach a ring to the center of the blade and clip that to the exoskeleton as a means to offset the heaviness.

The result was a success. Sort of.

Pan can effectively wield the sword, no problem. He can swing the blade, smashing things like coconuts and TVs, but there’s none of the grace or flare you’d expect from an anime protagonist. To compare, Pan enlisted powerlifter Chase Lee to see if he could wield the thing. Turns out, you can wield the Buster Sword with the help of an exoskeleton or a lot of muscles.

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