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Valorant: PaTiTek believes G2 Esports can be the best in the world

PaTiTek has revealed what it was like to be signed by a huge esports organisation (Picture: Yung Eldr/Red Bull Content Pool)

No one was more surprised than Patryk ‘paTiTek’ Fabrowski when he got a message from the owner of G2 Esports asking him to try out for their new Valorant team. The 21-year-old had given himself a few months to try and get noticed, but he never expected such a big organisation to come knocking.    

He was previously a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player, but tells Metro.co.uk he knew he wanted to swap ‘even before Valorant came out. When a new game comes out I will immediately try to switch to it and pursue a career in it, because I knew I couldn’t do it in CS:GO.

‘Valorant was the perfect opportunity for me. I said “I’m going to give myself a shot, do everything I can for two or three months.” Fortunately, I did get recognised. I was very surprised when Carlos [Rodriguez, owner of G2] messaged me. That was a shock, but after a month it was back to normal, back to the grind.”

G2 hit the ground running when it came to Valorant esports in July 2020, winning multiple tournaments and gaining the praise of pundits and fans. However recently, results have not been up to their high standards.

PaTiTek says: ‘Our performance hasn’t been that great lately because we’re changing a lot of stuff. We’re trying a lot of new stuff and we had a roster change as well. So it makes us feel not as confident, and we make a lot of rookie mistakes. But we’re working on that right now and I think we are headed in the right direction towards future tournaments.’

G2 benched David ‘Davidp’ Prins in December, replacing him with Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt for the new year. Davidp has since gone on to be the first announced member and captain of Excel Esports’ new squad.

PaTiTek believes G2 can be the best in the world (Picture: Yung Eldr/Red Bull Content Pool)

PaTiTek says he was ‘sad to see Davidp go because I really liked him, but a job is a job. Facing David and the whole Excel squad will be exciting for sure, I can’t wait to play them, I hope we play them soon.’

As for zeek, PaTiTek says ‘he has been a great addition to the team. He brings this young blood, raw talent, that when you shape it off he’s going to become a really good player in the future.’

He fully expects G2’s performances to pick up soon, and still believes they are a force to be reckoned with in Europe. ‘I would say we’re a top three team in Europe,’ he says. ‘I think we can be the best in Europe, and the best in the world. International tournaments and the Valorant Champions Tour will check that. 

‘I aim to be the best. I would rank myself as a top three player in Europe right now, maybe top three in the world as well.’

Of course, Valorant is a team game, and you can’t win matches on your own. G2’s current roster consists of Óscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho, Jacob ‘pyth’ Mourujärvi, Ardis ‘aardis’ Svarenieks, zeek, and paTiTek.

Luckily, paTiTek says each of his team-mates brings something unique to the table that will help them find success. ‘Aardis brings the mood up, most of the time he’s cracking jokes. Mixwell is this really calm guy, who when it gets hectic is the one to say “stop and focus.” 

‘Pyth is the quiet one, but really good in game when it comes to doing the boring stuff. Holding angles, lurking, doing stuff that isn’t exciting for most players. He’s good at taking care of that, not complaining, and doing it properly. And zeek is a really talented player who brings the firepower up to new levels.’

Hype around Valorant grew before its release. Not only is it a game from the world’s most popular esport, League Of Legends, the development team also has a number of former CS:GO players working on it. 

It was sure to be a hit, but paTiTek is still pleasantly surprised at how fast it has grown. ‘I thought maybe in a year or two it’s going to become big, but not like it is right now. If we fast-forward two years it’s going to be even bigger. For my parents, that’s great news because they don’t need to worry!

‘Valorant is competing with CS:GO right now and putting up pretty good numbers, particularly in North America. It’s already a good rival, I hope it only gets better from here.’

As for why it’s become so popular so quickly, he says ‘It’s friendly for new people. When someone new comes to the game, they know how to play it from the start. Maybe they’re not good at it, but they know what to do to some extent. In CS:GO you don’t have that, and it’s a pretty old game as well. People like new things.’

If there’s been one disappointment for paTiTek so far, it’s been the timing of his success and the rise of Valorant. ‘You want to get the opportunity to go around the world, to travel. But with the coronavirus you can’t do that. You’re stuck at home playing all day and only in online tournaments.

‘We esports players live for the hype of crowds at events. People want to become the best esports player because they’ve seen on a stream that someone did something sick on a big stage. Everyone wants to do that but for now it’s not possible. I think many players will get their drive back when we can go to events again.’

The young generation of esports stars, including those participating in Red Bull Campus Clutch, a global Valorant university championship, will be hoping to join paTiTek when he plays on that big stage soon. 

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