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What is DND 5E? The basics of races, classes, and dice explained

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, has grown from a complicated game played in musty basements to a worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to shows like Stranger Things and Big Bang Theory, the world of D&D has been introduced to more people than ever before – while the rise of podcasts and web series like Critical Role and Acquisitions Incorporated, where people play D&D online for everyone to watch, the latest 5th Edition of the game (known as ‘5E’) has attracted a wider audience far beyond your typical nerds.

D&D is all about imagination. It’s a system that allows you and your friends to tell a story together, and it can be any story you want it to be. As someone who’s been playing for years, I often have friends and family ask me to explain what this strange fantasy game is all about – and why I’m so addicted to buying new dice.

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