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What is more important to you in a phone — battery life, display, camera, or updates?

We all use our smartphones in different ways — sometimes that’s just a matter of apps, but often the distinctions are deeper. So it’s no real surprise that we all have our own priorities when shopping for a smartphone. But if you had to choose between updates, battery life, camera quality, or a good screen, which would be your priority?

2021 looks set to be a year of big changes when it comes to software support and updates. After years of complaints in Android land, companies are starting to take the question of longevity more seriously, and I expect (or merely hope) that the 2-3 year standard will soon be a thing of the past outside the cheapest models.

But, in the same vein, we’re enjoying hardware improvements that have catapulted the average smartphone to new heights. Bad battery life is almost a thing of the past outside a handful of smaller models. Camera performance in this era of computational photography has improved massively, with every indicator that things will only continue to get better. And the super-smooth, crazy-bright screens we’re using destroy even the best smartphones from a few years ago.

In light of what seems to be changing attitudes, this week, we’re re-doing an older poll — a much older poll. This time around, I will add one extra option so especially picky folks can chime in with their own separate priorities, but I’m curious to see how our readers’ opinions may have changed over the last half-decade.

So, all other things (including price) being equal, if you had to choose between updates, battery life, camera quality, and a good screen, which would you choose?

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