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WhatsApp upcoming feature lets you change playback speed for voice messages

WhatsApp is not the same app that was a few years ago, and that’s because Facebook is adding new features almost every month. Some are just minor tweaks, while others are very important features that actually improved users’ overall experience.

Tech-savvy who’d like to be up to date with what WhatsApp plans to introduce next will be interested to know that one of the next new features to be added to the app is related to voice messages.

The fine folks at WABetaInfo discovered that WhatsApp is now testing a new option that would allow users to change the playback speed for voice messages. The report also mentions that the feature is in development for Android and iOS, although that doesn’t guarantee they will be rolled out on both platforms at the same time.

The new feature enables users to choose from three different playback speeds for voice messages: 1.0x, 1.5x, and 2.0x. Apparently, WhatsApp could also support slower playback speeds, but they are not meant for the general public. We don’t know when exactly the new feature will be ready for primetime, but we’ll keep an eye out for any new info on the matter.

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