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Windows 10’s new look glimpsed again

Windows 10 has a big interface revamp coming later this year, with rumors and leaks flying around for some time now – and with the latest one, we’ve caught a glimpse of the brand-new design for some key icons.

This is all part of Microsoft’s project ‘Sun Valley’, the UI overhaul that will (or should) arrive with the second big feature update of 2021, and promises a more modern look for the interface (based on Fluent Design, or at least similar concepts to that design language, which has been around for some time now).

Windows Latest published a leaked grab of the ‘This PC’ window that shows the new icons for the documents, pictures, videos, downloads (and so forth) folders, which introduce different colors (rather than keeping the same yellow-with-blue uniform look) and a more streamlined overall appearance.

Windows 10 redesign leaked icons

(Image credit: Windows Latest / Microsoft)

Of course, we say new icons, but these are just the working designs as of a recent preview build of Windows 10 – assuming this leak is correct – and they may well be subject to further change as Microsoft works more on the interface.

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