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Xbox and The Rock collaborating to push fridges and (maybe) Fortnite

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You still can’t buy an Xbox Series X fridge, but Microsoft has teamed up with The Rock for a sweepstakes competition to give them away.

Despite embracing the meme and making actual Xbox Series X fridges, Microsoft hasn’t made them publicly available. The only way you could get one was if you were called Snoop Dogg or iJustine.

And while that doesn’t look like it’s changing, Microsoft is gearing up for a competition to give away some new Xbox-themed mini-fridges as part of a new partnership with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Some celebs and influencers have already been gifted the fridge and it comes packed with cans of ZOA, a new energy drink that Johnson himself had a hand in creating.

The sweepstakes competition doesn’t begin until March 25 and you’ll have until June 2 to enter for a chance to win a fridge and other assorted goodies, like a custom-made Xbox controller.

If you’re not interested in the fridge but do want to try the drink, the official website sells cans of it in five different flavours. Unfortunately, it’s so far only available in the United States, with currently no option for international shipping (even more of a reason to win that fridge).

Curiously, this may not be the only gaming related thing Johnson is involved in. You’re probably already aware that Season 6 of Fortnite began recently, but there’s a theory going round that The Rock is, or is going to be, in it.

On March 16, the day when Season 6 began, he posted a mysterious message on Instagram where he talks about what a meaningful day it was, ending with him saying ‘This is all done to strengthen and evolve and grow the power and the force known as… The Foundation,’ before giving his trademark eyebrow raise.

The beginning of Season 6 introduced a new character called The Foundation, prompting many to assume that The Rock is his voice actor. It’s even been pointed out that part of the character’s armour mirrors the placement of The Rock’s own tattoos.

Epic Games has so far refused to reveal who is voicing The Foundation, which strongly suggests they’re keeping it secret for a reason. Especially as the words rock and foundation have obvious similarities.

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