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Xbox 'Suspend My Game' Feature Promises to Speed Up Downloads

(Photo: Microsoft)

Being able to download content in the background while playing a game on Xbox is really convenient, but did you know it negatively impacts download speeds? Microsoft does, and it’s offering a new feature to help speed them up.

As Eurogamer reports, the latest build available through the Xbox Insider Program adds a new option called “Suspend my game.” By choosing to use it, any active downloads will get a speed boost, while at the same time you won’t lose any progress in the suspended game before quickly resuming where you left off once the desired download is complete.

So why are downloads slower on Xbox when you’re playing a game? It’s because Microsoft sets aside some of your bandwidth in case the game needs to connect to a server for multiplayer or some other reason essential to gameplay. So by suspending your game, that need is removed and downloads can use the full speed available on your internet connection.

Although limited to Xbox Insiders right now, when the new suspend feature rolls out it will be available to Xbox One consoles as well as the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hardware. For Series X or S owners, there’s the added advantage of quick resume to get you back to the gameplay even faster.

One other new and very useful feature being introduced is banners focused on highlighting which games are leaving Xbox Game Pass soon, but also new games coming to the service. It’s a clear sign of just how important Game Pass is to Microsoft’s Xbox strategy going forward.

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